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Legends are replete with stories of the architectural beauty and grandeur of the magnificent city of Indraprastha. This iconic city draws its history from the Mahabharata.


Indulgence is the Privilege of A Chosen Few

At Muppa’s Indraprastha, the Clubhouse is designed to grant you exclusivity. Aesthetically appealing and inviting, the 36000 sft Clubhouse is provided with a rooftop solar facility which supplements its energy needs. Equipped with the best amenities which include a spa, swimming pool, air-conditioned gym, best-in-class recreational avenues, leisure and indoor sporting events, the Clubhouse is the converging point where daily rejuvenation is a part of life.

Exclusivity Comes with Security

At Muppa’s Indraprastha, security is a given. The high perimeter wall with solar fence, security gates, boom barriers and video-surveillance cameras integrated with gate intercom provide 100% security at all times. Providing both a physical and psychological barrier to intruders, Indraprastha's impeccable Security Systems is backed by a team of thoroughly trained security personnel who stand as committed sentinels of these gates of heaven, 24/7. Residents are educated about comprehensive Safety Regulations which they are advised to adhere to ensure that the safety is optimized at all times.

At Muppa’s Indraprastha, you will feel secure and safe in your exclusive world.

Connected to Life and Located to Appreciate

Muppa’s Indraprastha offers you the best of both worlds—Located in the sustainable urban neighborhood of prime ITIR region, it is well connected to the city's hub. The location offers ease of access to best hospitals, educational institutions, restaurants, shopping and entertainment hubs. This opens up a bouquet of choices allowing residents to sprinkle their lives with interesting leisure avenues. At the same time, they have the granted convenience of accessing the exclusive lifestyle in the privacy of their home, whenever they wish!