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Investing In Gen Next

By Yogesh Sood

By 2008, SKI had branch offices in 40 cities, with over 100 employees and 200 business partners. But the company's rapid expansion began to cut into profit, and SKI had trouble raising capital to finance further growth. To remedy this, Mr. Wadhwa agreed to sell a minority shareholding of SKI to a private equity investor.

He has always encouraged gen-next to join in to bring freshness in all the thinking and business process. His two sons—Manick Wadhwa, a graduate in law, and Ankit Wadhwa, an associate Chartered Accountant—joined the business and are instrumental in bringing new technologies and business ideas to the table.

Mr Wadhwa created Nextgen group in Anmi and in Assocham to bring sons and daughter of members together and to mainstream. In the past, Mr Narinder Wadhwa has served as the Chairman of the Association of National Stock Exchange Members of India. He was part of India’s delegation at the 6th BRICS Summit in Brazil in 2014. He is alternative President of Commodity Participant Association of India (CPAI). He was conferred the ‘Pride of India Gold Award’ by the President of Mauritius at the NRI Summit in Mauritius and ‘Global Indian Award’ by the Bank of Doha in Qatar.

Australian television presenter and financial analyst Paul Clitheroe would say, “Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.” Indeed, one can safely say that Narinder Wadhwa’s believed in his own talent, and invested wisely in it.

Mr. Wadhwa believes that one should be humble and balanced. There are always things someone can be unhappy about, but one needs to reflect on the good things. Wadhwa believes that “there’s always an element of good luck in ones achievement.” Looking back at how far SKI Group has come, Mr. Wadhwa says “I think we have made some progress, but I frankly feel we have a long way to go, to create and build a SKI brand which has the ability to withstand hundreds of years.

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