October 2016 \ Diaspora News \ MIND AND BODY
Applied Creativity in Mental Health

Creativity and innovation. It is almost conventional to trumpet their importance, their utmost necessity for progress. However, applying creativity in the actual world necessitates creativity.

By Bethany E Halbreich and Professor Uriel Halbreich

What is the impact of culture, day-to-day life, social structure and individual’s social standing, economy and the individual’s financial resources, the individual’s beliefs and state of content – on the individual’s state of well-being? We assume that the biology is the same, but everything else is diversified.

Theory simplifies matter. As psychiatrists, we all know the rules of the game. We are familiar with the influential American DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – 5th Edition) and the World Health Organization (WHO), ICD-10-11 (International Classification of Disorders). We know and can describe all the definitions and criteria of all Disorders. We can authoritatively describe a person as “not meeting criteria for any ICD nor DSM definitions.