February 2017 \ Cover Story \ COVER STORY: INDO-US RELATIONS
Modi - Trump Can Boost One Another

US President Donald Trump’s mantra of “Buy American” and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ are not mutually exclusive

By Arul Louis

For the first time, an Indian American, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, was appointed to a cabinet-level position. Ajit Pai was made the chairman of the Federal Communication Commission and Seema Verma the head of the government health insurance programmes, Medicare and Medicaid. 

Trump has appointed lawyer Uttam Dhillon as his special assistant and associate counsel, and Raj Shah as his deputy assistant and research director. Kumar said that Trump’s transition team had asked the RHC for resumes of suitable candidates for it to review as it goes about filling the hundreds of jobs in the new administration. He said that he is scouting for talent and with better organisation and resume-matching a many more Indian Americans can find positions in an administration that is open to the community.

The policies of Trump and Modi to give priority to their respective country’s job growth and investment does not mean a freeze or a shutout of trade with the other nation, Kumar said

In the US each administration can make political appointment for the duration of the term to better implement its policies. The administrations ask supporters to make recommendations. 

It is estimated that there about 4,000 political positions are open and of them about 1,200, including ambassadorships, need Senate approval; about 475 are in the White House, and 750 are at the senior executive level.