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Psychiatric Aspects of Concussion: What the Public Should Know

Sports concussion has become one of the most media covered topics in the world of sports globally. Key players missing

By Prof. David Baron

Keys for the public;

1)    Concussion does not require a blow to the head or loss of consciousness

2)    Brief periods of feeling dazed, confused, unsteady, or vision problems is a concussion

3)    Concussions, like sunburns, add up over time, especially in the younger brain

4)    Changes in mood and focus are common symptoms

5)    Returning to play before the brain has “healed” can be very serious if even a minor jolt occurs

6)    Appropriate rest and monitoring by an experienced health care provider is mandatory to help in recovery.

—Prof. David Baron, Chair, Section on Medicine, Psychiatry and Primary Care, World Psychiatric Association (WPA)