“Skill development a crucial policy priority for India”

Mr Dharmendra Pradhan took charge of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in early September 2017, soon after he was elevated as Cabinet Minister by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi...

We also now have a World Skills Competitor in web design in the year 2015 from India representing Asia yet again chosen as one of nine Champions Trust representatives to promote the next WorldSkills Competition to happen in Kazan, Russia, as the major global hub for skills excellence. Champions Trust is a group of Champions working to help the bridge the gap between Champions and WorldSkills beyond the Competition.


What is the proposed scheme on Entrepreneurship Development?

Thanks to the Government as it had undertaken multiple initiatives in order to promote entrepreneurship and have also taken steps to improve India’s global ranking in the ease of doing business index. Despite facing a broad set of impending challenges currently, entrepreneurs in India are highly positive about the prospects ahead in one of the world’s key rapidly growing economies. Relative to its vast population, the rate of new business registrations in the country may be comparatively low, but India still produces some of the world’s most innovative and successful entrepreneurial ventures. This has been proven time and again.

The National policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has been created with the vision to create an ecosystem of empowerment by Skilling on a large scale. This has to be done fast while maintaining high Standards. The idea is to promote a culture of innovative ideas based entrepreneurship, which can in turn generate wealth and employment so as to ensure Sustainable livelihoods for all citizens in the country.