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Book Review: The Pyramid Spiral, Dance of the Five Elements

The Pyramid Spiral’ describes a piece of artwork entitled, ‘The Circle of Immortality’...

By Susan M. Griffith-Jones

There are two fundamental parts to ‘The Circle of Immortality’, namely that which sits on top of the mirror and that which appears within the mirror. Contrary to expectation, it is our conscious thought process that is symbolized by the spiral that physically appears on top of the mirror, whilst its reflection appearing within the mirror, represents the world around us.

Although everything appears as a very real 3D sensual experience around the physical bodies we house, it is but the collective result of both the conscious and unconscious thought processes projected into the mirror of mind, that construct this reality of such magnitude. Indeed, it is so effectively real that we get confused and believe it to have its own independent origination! Buddhism teaches us that this is not so and that we can go beyond this Samsara appearance through consciousness resting back into its natural state.

‘The Pyramid Spiral’ describes this process in step-by-step detail.

The Pyramid Spiral is available at online stores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and others