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Banker Returns Home

 Mr Jaspal Singh Minhas President of LABA paid tribute to Mr Arya Mitter Gupta, the Bank Manager at Punjab National Bank in Leicester who is returning India to take up a new posting in Shimla.

“Mr Gupta has given the community in Leicester outstanding service” said Mr Minhas. “During his tenure he has been visible in the community seven days a week. He has amplified the bank’s business portfolio and deposit many times over. During the banking crisis, overseas bankers were the real back bone for the sustainability, resilience and survival of the many British Asian businesses. Guptaji is an outstanding and professional banker who has a humble personality and a very proficient ability to forge and maintain links with the communities and business. He will be greatly missed” Mr Minhas, on behalf of the LABA board and members took the opportunity to confirm an Honorary Membership of LABA to Mr Gupta for outstanding service to the Asian communities in Leicestershire and look forward to using his considered skills and knowledge to build trading and inward investment links with Punjab.

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