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On our cover is an exclusive mélange of world diplomats from 56 countries who have been talking

By Sayantan Chakravarty

Peruvian Ambassador H.E. Mr Jorge Juan Castaneda Mendez speaks of the diversity in his country that is rich in natural resources and one that offers major investment opportunities for Indian investors, particularly in agri-business and mining. Ambassador of the Czech Republic H.E. Mr Milan Hovorka is upbeat about the unprecedented interest shown by Indians to travel and discover the charms of his nation. Tunisian Ambassador Mr Nejmeddine Lakhal outlines the several success stories of Indian firms in Tunisia, and the host of incentives available to foreign investors to do business, transfer funds, and benefit from lower tax rates. High Commissioner of Zambia H.E. Mrs Judith K K Kan’goma-Kapijimpanga speaks about the Indian Government’s mission to develop 100 smart towns as satellites of larger cities. Zimbabwean Ambassador H.E. Mr Maxwell Ranga speaks of opportunities in tourism in his nation, and the great potential for employment generation. Ukrainian Ambassador H.E. Dr Igor Polikha remains hopeful that Ukraine and India are entering a new stage of interaction in the joint implementation of large-scale economic projects. Danish Ambassador H.E. Mr Peter Taksøe-Jensen tells us that the number of visas issued to Indians has gone up 25 per cent in recent times with Denmark offering opportunities to hop between hundreds of small islands. And, of course, there are several others that have aired their views.

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