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Early the 1980s the Mongolian government...

By G. Ganbold, Ambassador in memory of Kushok Bakula Pinpoche

Even MEA then was not well aware of this agre’me made it more curious. However, it could have indicated the priority given by high authorities of India to his assignment. Honestly, this assignment provoked varying barbs given nominee’s background with no experience in diplomacy and doubts whether he could manage to represent his country abroad. Someone even retorted, Mongolia is tranquil, tiny place, where missions might not have many work if there is anyone then other officers at the embassy do it for him, so he would be free to engage with his monastic deeds.

However, not long after it became known that newly minted ambassador was not inactive and silent one who sits ideal. Even the period did not allow him such lavishness. Though climate and living conditions were not so comfortable seasoned politician who went through government’s routine chore had started working vigorously. Thus, his two years’ assignment extended and he painstakingly continued working over 10 odd years as Indian Ambassador in Mongolia.

Ambassador’s assignment had started indeed in not so smooth situation. Parliamentary election had just been announced in India, and since his was a political appointment, Rinpoche naturally felt it was important for him to wait for the formation of the new government. After all, there would be little point in taking up the post, if the appointment was reversed soon after. So he decided to delay his departure. And in fact the outcome of the election was a big upset for the Indian National Congress with whom Rinpoche had been aligned for many years. In their place, a new coalition led by Janata Party assumed power and former opposition leaders became Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs. However, his appointment was re-confirmed by the new leadership and he was asked to proceed to Ulaanbaatar without delay. But his apprehensions before the election were not unreasonable. In fact, several other recent ambassadorial appointees chosen by previous regime were recalled by the new government in New Delhi.

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