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Early the 1980s the Mongolian government...

By G. Ganbold, Ambassador in memory of Kushok Bakula Pinpoche

Drafting the first democratic constitution Mongolia invited Asian parliamentarians and constitution experts for the International Conference in which contingent of different political parties of India actively took part in it. So when the Peoples Great Khural (constitutional Assembly) of Mongolia approved it in 1992 Rinpoche represented India who supported Mongolia’s democratic changes from the very beginning. Mongolia was the first country in Asia that opted for socialism and also was the first to abandon it. Rectifying errors after seven decades is long awaited but useful experience. I think Ambassador Bakula played unique and substantive role in Mongolia’s transition to political democracy and free market system, which should hold unprecedented place in her history and peaceful transformation. In these years he tactfully combined his formal position as Indian Ambassador with his more prominent status as spiritual master and guide whose sage advice and calming presence was a boon for the country at a time of particular uncertainty and insecurity. At the time as the highest-ranking Buddhist monk, who is only reincarnated lama he offered guidance to the nascent monastic communities and ordinary believers in the country in those crucial years. Many in high positions of government used to hear him.

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