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Early the 1980s the Mongolian government...

By G. Ganbold, Ambassador in memory of Kushok Bakula Pinpoche

Ambassador Kushok Bakula Rinpoche was bestowed by the Mongolian government with one of its highest award “Polar Star” for his remarkable endeavour in reviving the abandoned monasteries, educating new generation of religious figures and encouraging chronically subjugated national culture, which enormously helped Mongolia to revive her national identity and pride.

On the solemn occasion of centenary celebration of Ambassador Kushok Bakula Rinpoche, the democratic Mongolia with deep gratitude recalls his inputs in building up requisites for rapid growth of her bilateral relations with India in a new circumstance.

This article based on Sonam Wangchuk Shakspo’s a book titled “Kushok Bakula Rinpoche: The Architect of Modern Ladakh”

—The author is Ambassador of Mongolia in India. He studied in Ulaanbaatar, New Delhi, Moscow, Oxford, Geneva, Hawaii and Munich. In 1980, he joined Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and served as Desk Officer, Counsellor, Deputy Head of Department. He has worked with Mongolia Embassies in New Delhi (1988-1991 and 1996-2000), Washington D.C, London, as well as Ministry of Finance and National Security Council. He has been Director for Multilateral Cooperation Department, MFA (July 2013-August 2015) in Mongolia. He presented his Letters of Credence to the President of India on 2 September, 2015. He speaks Hindi, English and Russian. He is married and has two sons, two grandchildren. He is a Member of Delhi Press Club and awardee of the India Empire magazine. He has contributed articles to media, translated nearly two dozen books.

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