How anger destroys

From anger comes delusion, from delusion a lapse of memory, from lapse of memory...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

Creation is a sum total of positive (devik) and negative (asurik) - positive that aids creation process, and negative that destroys it, both are necessary for movement of creation. Silence, stillness, stability, shanti are properties of positive forces, hyperactivity, unrest, anger etc of the asuric forces. A hyperactive body is in possession of the asuric forces which instil negative thoughts and tendencies paving way for destruction of the body and spiritual devolution. History abounds with examples of how asuric forces try to disrupt all processes of growth and evolution of an individual and community, asurs were known to cause hindrance in yagyas, kill innocent animals and beings and prevent acts of general good. When asuric forces (like anger) take possession of the body, the person misses his/her spiritual goal and wastes his/her birth and life fast moving towards destruction. Influence of asuric forces cloud the mind and takes it away from spirituality/devik forces. If you notice people who are hyperactive are normally far away from spirituality and acts like yagyas and meditation and create a scene if member of family indulges in all this.

The vedic seers were masters of creation, and thousands of years of ago, when according to western historians, world was inhabited by barbarians, gave us the concept of shanti (or peace) and balancing of chakras and various elements. Chakra santulan pranayama is an effective tool to maintain balance and peace, says Sanatan kriya. The vedic masters were well aware of the consequences of emotional arousal and hyperactivity, and also gave us the shanti path to stabilise not just each and every cell in the body but each and every aspect of creation, of which the body is a reflection.