June 2018 \ Diaspora News \ DIASPORA—INDIAN CUISINE

The second Indian Food Festival organised in Berlin was appreciated by more than 3,000 people at the Indian Embassy...

“Shaped by tradition, geography, climate and cultural fusions and supported by its local ingredients, Indian food had attained a myriad of regional and sub-regional cousins,” the three-time German poet laureate added. The aroma, taste and the culinary forms of various dishes which these communities presented at different stalls allured and enchanted the German families who rushed to the red sandstone embassy complex situated right opposite the Tiergarten Park in the heart of Berlin.

The venue itself helped emphasise and enhance the rich cultural heritage of India, and testify to the diversity of its characteristic places, communities and groups across the vast fabric of a vast country. The food festival saw the touch of true festivity as various regions presented their dances and music performances in the embassy auditorium. As no festivity can be complete without a dholak, the Punjabi community made people dance to the vibrant sounds of the drum played by Praveen Kumar.