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The automotive industry is one of the key drivers of the Philippine economy. In the past decade, the automotive industry ...


The automotive industry is one of the key drivers of the Philippine economy. In the past decade, the automotive industry’s contribution to national output, employment, investments and exports have been increasing. With the presence of global automotive brands, together with the abundant supply of highly skilled and technical manpower, the quality of final goods and services produced by the automotive industry in the Philippines is at par with regional and global standards. Motor vehicle parts are one of the key exports of the Philippines. The top markets for Philippine merchandise exports of motor vehicle parts are Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Republic of South Africa and Taiwan (ROC). During the meeting of President Rodrigo Duterte with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Philippines in November 2017, President Duterte invited Indian automotive industry to invest in the Philippines. Some Indian automotive manufacturers such as Mahindra, Tata Motors, and Bajaj have been operating in the Philippines, through their local distributors.

—H.E. (Mrs) Ma. Teresita C. Daza, Ambassador, Republic of Philippines to India




Tourism is one of the six sectors of The Gambian economy that the Government has identified as priority areas which deserves special attention and incentives. The opportunities are enormous as the industry is still budding and is far from reaching its full potential. The peace, warmth and friendliness of Gambians coupled with its pristine beaches, the mystic of the River Gambia and its diverse flora and fauna endowments has made the country a prime destination for those aiming to enjoy authentic touristic experiences. Through the various programs being offered by tour operators and hotels, tourists are given the opportunities to enmeshed themselves into the cultural experiences of the Gambian people. It is therefore, no wonder that the new face of The Gambia has been epitomized in the slogan “Go Discover… The Smiling Coast of Africa”. Finally, I can assure you that whether you are a visitor seeking an exotic holiday or a seasoned traveller yearning for out of the way encounter or that savvy investor and businessman, The Gambia is Yours to Discover!

—H.E. Mrs. Naomi Williams, Deputy Head of Mission, Gambia High Commission in New Delhi