January 2019 \ Cover Story \ DIPLOMATIC INTERVIEW
“There is momentum in Finland-India relations”

From growing interest among Finnish businesses in India to greater tourism flow from India to Finland, plenty of bilateral action is happening on either side. Besides, trade flow is improving and with a few more likely agreements in place soon, volumes are expected to go up significantly. Ambassador Nina Vaskunlahti who has completed two years in India spoke to Editor and Publisher SayantanChakravarty on a range of subjects highlighting India-Finland relations

There is great potential in Finland for receiving tourists from India? Has there been a growth on that front?

Yes there is potential. One-third of Finland is above the Arctic Circle. There is Lapland which is a beautiful part of the country. Even though scarcely populated, it makes for a highly popular holiday destination, especially during winter time when there is snow all around, plenty of opportunity for winter sports and, of course, one can see the Northern Lights. Finland is also worthwhile visiting during summer months. It is a land where one can meet with nature, see the boundless skies and nearly 200000 lakes.

There has been an increase of 25-30 per cent in issuance of tourist visas to Indians annually. Thus far in 2018, 76,000 overnights have been spent by Indian tourists in Finland. It is one-third more than last year.