In nature you will find that for every aspect there exists an equal and opposite. Darkness is nothing but absence of light...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

In a day, energy patterns keep changing. Similarly, day-to-day patterns also keep changing. Every object of creation, all lokas (dimensions of existence) and yugas (dimensions of time), as per the revelation of the ancient yogis, exist as energy forms. The movements of earth changes the dimension of time, it lies tilted on its axis, when the axis tilts, yugas change as when it moves on the axis, the seasons change. Every movement from one dimension to the other brings about a change or transformation as every day comes with its unique energy patterns.

To better understand energy changes that occur daily we must first understand the concept of sandhya, that is, when one energy transforms into another. Vedic philosophy describes four types of sandhyas that occur on any given day. The first, Brahma sandhya, occurs an hour before and after sunrise. Positive forces are at their peak. Since this time period is the best time for communion with higher energies, a child that is conceived during this time will be a pure and saintly soul. As the day progresses, energies transform, positive energies go down while negative energy starts to rise, leading to the Tantriksandhya. This occurs between 10.20 am and 11.30 am, where the positive and negative forces are equal in strength. This sandhya aids material gain, thus a child conceived during this time will have a strong hold over the material. At sunset again energies change giving rise to the third sandhya where negative energies are at their peak. A child conceived during this period can show negative traits. However, practices like the Sanatankriya are done during this time to protect the child from the negative energies in the environment. The last and fourthsandhya occurs at midnight, when negative energies are going down and positive energies are going up. Interaction with the spirit world is very easy during this time. Children conceived during this time will be level headed and with potentiality to interact with the world of ether.

However, if your child has Guru Kripa, no matter the time or day of birth, there is nothing he/she will not be able to achieve.

—Yogi Ashwini is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Ashram and can be reached at www.dhyanfoundation.com