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PBD, Diaspora and Migration

Government of India is holding its biennial (every two years) PBD 2019 (PravasiBhartiya Divas) this year from 21st to 23rd January ...

By Dr A. Didar Singh

The Global Compact for Migration aims to improve how migration is managed via a set of 23 specific objectives, ranging from the collection of adequate data to ensuring that all migrants have proof of legal identity, establishing coordinated efforts on missing migrants, and strengthening the transnational response to the smuggling and trafficking of migrants. There are many national and regional issues that need to be addressed. For example, in the South and South East Asian countries, many are not exclusive sending or receiving countries. For these countries, ethical recruitment and reducing the vulnerabilities in the migration cycle are high on the agenda. Similarly, mutual recognition of skills and harmonisation of standards are also important issues especially for countries like India. It’s good to see that these issues are being addressed by both Government and the private sector and PBD will be another important forum to contend with them.

—The author is former Secretary MOIA and Ex-SG FICCI


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