Grand Initiative

I would like to congratulate India Empire, especially the Editor Mr. Sayantan Chakravarty,

By Dr Avdesh Sharma

e) mental health promotion for all.

The ‘Public Education Initiative’ globally envisages:

• Engaging the media, NGOs, stake holders and caregivers towards public education and stigma reduction.

• Comprehensive culturally sensitive audio video and print material in various languages.

• Involvement and sensitization of all, specially those having mental health issues and their families in management after becoming aware.

• Utilizing our circle of influence in organizations, workplace and society for focus on mental health.

• Pooling in of meagre resources (monetary and professionals) for improving mental health and well-being in the world.

We seek your support to be a part of this international movement to provide ‘Mental Health for All, for Life’ in all settings, all individuals and groups in all countries. You are welcome to receive more information at wpanet.org and connect with WPA (all psychiatric organization and their members in all the countries of the world are members of WPA) or email at wpapubliceducation@gmail.com.

Let Mental Health and Mind retain the focus it deserves and be where it belongs—right in the centre.

—Dr Avdesh Sharma, International Lead, Public Education Initiatives, World Psychiatric Association