Column: Yogi Ashwani

How to tap the power of prana from the sun

We understand that life exists in a body not because of air or water and food but because of prana. Prana combines with the five elements (fire, air, water, ether and earth) to give form to the whole creation. Our bodies absorb prana from the food, water, air, and touch and utilise it for the body’s vital functions. The same five elements with prana vibrating at a particular frequency is a newborn baby, who with changing compositions starts ageing. Used prana is given back to the environment and this is further used as life force by beings lower in the evolution ladder. This process continues till the lowest form of creation. Different kinds of prana are used for different functions of the body.

Prana vibrates in innumerable forms at innumerable dimensions. At one dimension it is colour. There are different colours with different shades and combinations, some are pleasant, soothing, and some represent love, some divinity, some stand for power, some for anger, and some are dull and depressing. All are different and have different effects on the physical.

One such very strong source of prana is Surya (sun) known as Surya Prana. This is the most potent form of prana. Surya prana and has great significance in spiritual healing with many therapeutic properties. I will talk about one such extremely effective therapy using Surya prana.

Prana vibrating at different frequencies is seen as different colours, with each colour having its distinct property. Our ancients have described a very simple but effective way of absorbing specific frequencies from Surya prana through water. As mentioned earlier in our articles on spiritual healing, the colour green has a cleansing property and it has excellent cleansing properties.

Take a green bottle full of fresh water and keep it in the sun for one to two hours so that it absorbs the Surya prana. The colour of the bottle determines the frequency of prana passing through it. Thus the prana filtering through a green coloured bottle will have the properties of the colour green which is cleansing. Drink this water on a regular basis to have a cleansing and detoxicating effect in the body. It helps improve digestion, purify blood, clean the kidneys and helps you acquire radiant, glowing and healthy skin.

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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December 2008

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