Trinidad And Tobago: Investment in Tourism Sector
Trinidad and Tobago

Fast Facts

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
5,128 sq. km (1,980 sq. miles)
1.3 million
Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TT$)
US$ 1.00 = TT$ 6.3

Opportunities in Tourism

Trinidad and Tobago, with a majority population of people of east Indian origin, is opening up its tourism and hospitality sector for investments. We bring you a feature

Tourism Industry in the Global Context
  • Trinidad and Tobago has the 7th largest Travel & Tourism economy in the Caribbean with a total demand of US$1.8bn. and a contribution to the country’s GDP of US$1.1bn.
  • Over the next 10 years, the gains for the Travel & Tourism Visitors Exports in Trinidad and Tobago are expected to grow by a strong 7.2 % per annum. Global and Caribbean Visitor Exports are forecast to grow at 5.7% and 3.9% per year respectively.
  • Trinidad and Tobago’s Travel & Tourism Demand is projected to grow at an average 5.2% per annum over the next 10 years.
  • This will exceed worldwide growth of 4.6% per annum as well as the 3.4% annual average growth forecast for the Caribbean.

Source:World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) 2005

Hotel Investment Opportunities

Invaders Bay, Trinidad

Main Features
· Master-planned 72- acre site
· 5 minutes from downtown Port of Spain
· Proposed hotel site of 2-4 acres on the waterfront
· Adjacent lots include proposed marina, upscale high-rise residential, conference facilities, triple ‘A’ retail and office space

Project Concept Possibility
· Business Hotel, 4 to 5 star
· 200 rooms expandable
· Enhanced number of suites
· State-of-the-art business center
Bayside Towers Phase II, Trinidad

Main Features
· 2.1 acre site
· Waterfront Location
· Good Accessibility
· Good infrastructure

Project Concept Possibility
· 4-5 star hotel
· 200-400 Rooms
· Generous height allowances
· Marina Development possible

Ministry of Agriculture, Trinidad

Main Features
5 acres
Excellent access and infrastructure
Excellent views and supporting amenitiessite of 2-4 acres on the waterfront

Project Concept Possibility
150-300 Rooms
5 star hotel
Mixed use with luxury residential
Limited retail
Chupara Point, Trinidad
Main Features
96 acres – 75 acres for development
1.25 miles of beach frontage
5 individual beaches
Gently undulating land
Access to all utilities

Project Concept Possibility
Integrated Resort, 3 star
300 room hotel
Residential – Villa clusters and cottages
Limited village residential
Trincity Business Park, Trinidad

Main Features
5 - 10 acres
3 minutes from airport
Potential captive market of Trincity Business Park and Piarco International Airport
Located next to 18-Hole PGA Championship Golf Course
Capture of overflow from Wallerfield Business Park Hotel

Project Concept Possibility
Business and Convention Hotel, 3 to 4 star
200 rooms expandable
State-of-the-art business center
Las Cuevas Estate, Trinidad

Main Features
450 acres – 242 acres for development
1.5 miles of beach frontage
Gently sloping land
Rich eco-tourism and recreational possibilities

Project Concept Possibility
250 room, 4 star hotel
Residential development: villas; condos; individual house plots
Nature reserve
150 room boutique hotel 4-5 star
Salem Grove, Trinidad

Main Features
369 acres
1500 feet of direct beach frontage
Gently sloping lands

Project Concept Possibility
Business and Resort Hotel, 3 Star
60 room hotel with potential for expansion
Village Residential
Cape Development Mayaro, Trinidad

Main Features
500+ acres
Approximately 1 mile of direct beach frontage
Gently sloping lands

Project Concept Possibility
Resort Hotel, 3 Star
300 room hotel with potential for expansion
Luxury residential
Golf Course
Diamond Estate, Tobago

Main Features
40 acres – extendable
More than 1 mile of beach frontage
Located next to Tobago Hilton
Excellent road access
Access to all utilities

Project Concept Possibility
Residential Resort, 3 star
200 room resort hotel
Single family villas
Luxury residential community
Bacolet Estate, Tobago

Main Features
600 acres
1 mile of beach frontage
Gently undulating lands
Excellent road access
Access to all utilities

Project Concept Possibility
Resort Hotels, 3 star
200 room hotel - central facility and cottages
100 room hotel- one two-storey structure
Comprehensive beach facilities Marina
Englishman’s Bay, Tobago

Main Features
400 acres – 80 acres for development/320 for nature reserve
0.25 mile of white sand beach
Access to all utilities

Project Concept Possibility
Integrated Eco-Tourism Community, 3 - 4 star
Central Lodge and 40 cottages
Beach facilities
Wilderness Park and Nature Reserve

December 2008

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