Column: T. Selva

Ushering Deepavali the Vaastu way

Hindus all over the world will celebrate the mother of all festivals, Deepavali, on October 27.

Generally October will be a busy time for Hindus as they get their homes ready to usher in the joyous occasion. In Vaastu Shastra, the festival of lights is not merely a time for feasting and merrymaking but an occasion to add sparkle to every house to welcome the Goddess of Fortune. It is said on Deepavali, Goddess Lakshmi comes to bless your house and it is vital to prepare properly for the auspicious day. Indian scriptures give priority to cleansing the place of dwelling. If it is not purified, the occupants will not receive divine blessings of happiness, peace and prosperity. The first step, before you buy new clothes and accessories, is to thoroughly inspect the house. Note defects like peeling paint, stained walls and doors, broken roof tiles and ceilings, rusty gate, leaking or broken pipes, fused bulbs, dead plants, etc. Such flaws do not attract positive energy.

If the paint is peeling, give your walls a new coat of paint and remedy the other faults immediately. Next, get rid of withered plants and replace them with some flowering plants in the garden. The jasmine plant is highly recommended, and it also gives out a pleasant fragrance. Avoid thorny plants and creepers, as these are inauspicious in Vaastu. The house exterior is given a lot of emphasis because it is regarded as the face of the house and thus creates the first impression to visitors. All disused and broken items like mirrors, plates, glassware, furniture, toys and other household items should be discarded because they do not benefit the dwellers in any way. 

In Vaastu, these items radiate negative energies and thus affect the happy and peaceful mood in the family. Within the house, clean all cobwebs and dust from the ceilings and walls because they are harmful signs of the dweller running into debt. Where possible, add a new coat of paint to give the house a fresh look and decorate it with cheerful motifs and greeting cards. Avoid decorating with black, grey and dark blue colours as they create dullness and a depressing mood. Don't wear clothes of these colours either. On the eve of Deepavali, wash the entire house with water, another important element in Vaastu for cleansing. Serve traditional sweets and delicacies to enhance the joy of the festival.

Then, burn fragrant incense and walk around the entire house, paying attention to the corners, where negative energies tend to stagnate. This process will purify the house and get rid of unholy spirits. Beautify the exterior of your house with oil lamps because the festival is represented by fire, which is another vital element in Vaastu. Fire is the most powerful carrier of our messages and prayers to the cosmic forces. The flame of the lamp has two significant qualities: it banishes darkness, and its continuous upward movement denotes the path to wisdom and divinity. At the main doorway of the house, tie 11 mango leaves to attract positive energy and ward off evil eyes. On Deepavali morning, it is recommended that everyone gets up early and take an oil bath to remove impurities externally and to tone one's muscles and nerves to receive positive energies. 

After the bath, wear new clothes and perform prayers before seeking blessings and forgiveness from your elders. Exchanging gifts and serving traditional sweets are encouraged on this special day to further brighten the festive spirit.

Selva currently provides daily tips on Vaastu Shastra on Malaysian radio and television and also writes a Sunday column on Vaastu Shastra Malaysia’s leading newspaper The Star.
His latest book titled Vaastu Shastra Guide has hit the best seller list and it is now available in English and Tamil. The author can be contacted at 

—T. Selva is a renowned author from Malaysia. He will write a column on conscious living through Vasthu Sastra in India Empire starting next issue.

October 2008

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