Exhibit: Non-Violence
Suraj Sadan


Suraj Sadan is an artist, teacher, curator, a man who has left his imprint on many soils and in many hearts. He perseveres his creative and humanistic endeavours, forever guided by the gentle spirit of Mahatma Gandhi whom he had the great privilege of meeting in 1947, in a post-partition refugee centre at Kingsway Camp in Delhi.

Currently president of the Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation, Sadan held a two day exhibition in September on Mahatma Gandhi and Non-Violence at the Galerie d'Arts Contemporains in Montreal. The exhibit came days before the Mahatma's 138th birth anniversary, a timely reminder that each time the world has faced the frenzy of violence, peace has had the last, and most lasting, say. The Mahatma was easily the most resilient Indian of his times.

October 2008

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