Books : A Trilogy of Wisdom

A Trilogy of Wisdom

Book: Success Sutras for 21st Century : A Trilogy of Wisdom
By: Pavan Choudary
Publisher: Wisdom Village Publications Division
Price: 290/-


After the phenomenal success of his world acclaimed book, When You Are Sinking Become a Submarine, Wisdom Guru Pavan Choudary unveiled before the press – Success Sutras for the 21st Century: A Trilogy of Wisdom at the India Habitat Centre in May. 

This set of three unique books on Chanakya’s Political Wisdom, Confucius’ Social Wisdom and Kabir’s Spiritual Wisdom projects the contemporary relevance of the wisdom of these great masters in today’s world. It comes across as a never before rendition and interpretation of the best in Indian and Chinese Wisdom carefully sifted for the 21st Century. 

Charushilla Narula (General Manager, WVPD) says, we feel that this is the best time to showcase this Trilogy of Wisdom for both the Indian and the Western world

During a one on one with the media, Pavan Choudary expressed his message for the socio-political-spiritual health of the country. He said, “One - India should be wealthy and strong, because if a country is rich & weak, robbers come, plunderers come. All Indians must take active interest in their motherland. Two - Obscene display of wealth must be stopped. Our behaviour towards those below us should be kinder. If 40 crore people in India are living below the poverty line, 80 crore people are living below the “dignity line”. We should not behave towards them feudally. And three - Your pursuit of spirituality should bring honesty, loyalty, kindness, and fairness in you. Your spirituality should build character in you. Let that be the touchstone of progress on the spiritual path.”

Published by WVPD (Wisdom Village Publications Division) is a unique trilogy that provides a ready guide to achieving Spiritual bliss, Political sharpness and Social order. Charushilla Narula (General Manager, WVPD) says, “We feel that this is the best time to showcase this Trilogy of Wisdom for both the Indian and the Western world. As the world’s largest democracy elects yet another government, it is imperative to give to the politician, the citizen and the guru a new Nitishastra to follow. A new guideline that is contemporary, so that we don’t once again get caught up in the web of extremism, factionalism, hypocrisy and poor governance.” 

Moreover, what we have read so far, are translations from linguists. This is a commentary from a Political Strategist, so when one reads the book on Chanakya, for instance, one might feel as though this great master has come back to life and was showing us the way out of our political dilemmas. It is Chanakya in never before, resplendent light giving advise to the common man as well as to the statesman. Similarly, Confucian understanding has been the cornerstone to the success of China. But there are no clear English translations of Confucius. Pavan Choudary, who is also the Vice President of the Asian Creativity Association with its headquarters in Shanghai, China, shares the true essence of Confucius who talks of duty and action that is wise. It is imperative that India embraces this great philosophy for progress. Mr. Xei Fei (Cultural Head, Chinese Embassy) who was present at the ocassion said, “This book has been able to capture the spirit of Confucianism. It is most appropriate that it dwells on the social aspect of Confucianism. It talks of Social Harmony, which is key to Confucius.” And the third master that Pavan Choudary talks of is Kabir. For the first time, through this book, we will be able to see Kabir, not just as a saint but a Success Coach. The couplets that have been studied and commented upon are not hyperbolic.

June 2009

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