When the Young Paint

Claude Monet, the French impressionist painter once said that, “colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Monet’s words ring true for many others, colour indeed brings about so much joy. To bring out the magic of colours, the founder president of the Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation in Montreal, artist Suraj Sadan, organized an international exhibition-contest for 14-20 year old youths. Three first prizes with a cash component of USD 100 each were given to Praveen Kushawa, Furkan Pathan, and Nakul Singal, all 16-year-olds from India. Three second prizes with a cash component of USD 50 each were given to two 13-year-olds—Parth Shah from the USA and Sarthak Joshi from India, and to Melanie Le Berre, 19 from Canada. The paintings by these youngsters are truly moving, and inspiring.

Care for Elderly by Praveen Kushawaha (India), first prize Friendship by Furkan Pathan (India), first prize
Tête à tête avec le monde by Mélanie Le Berre (Canada), second prize Peace by Nakul Singal (India), first prize
Friendship by Sarthak Joshi (India), second prize Peace by Parth Shah (USA), second prize

October 2010

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