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The Colours of Life

Yogi Ashwini          

Menninger Foundation (U.S.A.) has done an experiment on this on Swami Nada Brahmananda, where Swamiji lived without breathing for 45 minutes. Another experiment is the one carried out by the scientists in NASA, on Mr. Manik of Calcutta, India, where he lived without solid food for nearly 120 days, only on the prana from sunlight and some liquids (minimal). So it becomes important to note that the human life continues to exist as long as it can retain prana of a certain frequency even in the absence of air and food. Now we understand that life exists in a body not because of air or water and food but because of prana. 

Our bodies absorb prana from the food, water, air, and touch and utilise it for the body’s vital functions. Used up prana is given back to the environment and this is further used as life force by beings lower in the evolution ladder. This process continues till the lowest form of Creation. Different kinds of prana are used for different functions of the body. Clairvoyantly, different pranic frequencies have different colours. The different frequencies of prana each in the form of colour give rise to the energies essential for the functioning of life in its various forms. Different shades of the same colour invoke different emotions only because their combinations are different and unique.

Why is anger described as ‘seeing red’ and not as ‘seeing white’? Peace is represented by a white dove. Colour is the language of prana

Why is anger described as ‘seeing red’ and not as ‘seeing white’? Peace is represented by a white dove. Colour is the language of prana.

The combination of various colours defines the personality of the individual. This includes the physical, mental and emotional state of the individual. A clairvoyant is a person who can see the colour pattern of prana around the physical, and tell the person’s present and sometimes the future states as well. The colour spectrum ranges from the darker shades to the lighter shades in the VIBGYOR spectrum. The darker shades like dark reds, browns, and dark greys are the grosser colours while whitish pinks, violets, blues, greens, etc. are the subtler colours. 

Thus colour is the code in which the subtle body communicates with the physical body. It is by seeing the colours in the next layer that clairvoyants are able to foretell disease before it manifests in the physical.

Like everything else in Creation, each colour also has a role and place. While balance and harmony results, if they are present in the appropriate place, the presence of a certain colour, shade of colour in a place not appropriate for it causes imbalance and disharmony at the physical, emotional, or any other level as the case may be. Too less or too much of any colour with respect to the other, till some level, will create an imbalance in the individual. Just as the colour indicates the problem, it can also be used to correct the problem. To be able to do so requires dedication and practice.

Broadly speaking, red colour gives strength and can be found in foods like red meat, pomegranate juice, carrots, etc. The colour green has a cleansing effect, which is present in foods like neem, bitter gourd, bottle gourd and tori. The colour yellow has a healing effect such as that which is found in turmeric (haldi), which is an antiseptic. Speaking of different shades of the same colour, take red for example, one can clearly see the effect of darker shades of red and lighter shades of red. A darker red such as that of red meat is a much heavier food than pomegranate, which is a lighter red and is thus a lighter food. So meat becomes an essential part of a worker’s diet and pomegranate for a golfer. 

It is not the intake of colours that depends on the individual’s physiology but it is the physiology, which is dependent on the intake of colours. Anyone interested in understanding this must get in touch with an experienced clairvoyant.

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For Details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in

October 2010

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