What states are saying about themselves


  • Forest based products provide livelihood to a large section of the population. About 11 million dependent directly or indirectly on forests for employment.
  • As percentage of national reserves, iron ore forms 32.9 per cent, bauxite (50 per cent), nickel (95 per cent), chromite (98 per cent) and coal (24 per cent).
  • Numbers of working units in large and medium industries, small scale units and cottage and handicraft industries are 334, 59079 and 492471 respectively.
  • The fixed investments in the above sectors in USD million are 409, 274 and 117.
  • Team Orissa would like to describe the state as a land of opportunities and India’s top industrial investment destination.


  • New projects on the anvil include software technology park, integrated infrastructure development scheme park, film city, growth centres, ASIDE, food / wine / bio-tech / pharma parks.
  • Sky bus project.
  • A flourishing trading culture, and major port.
  • Friendly people in a healthy environment.
  • Smart alternative for the smart investor.
  • Electric atmosphere.
  • Extensive support systems.


  • Investment opportunities in IT, bio-tech and tourism, hydro-electricity.
  • Far reaching bio-technology and eco-tourism policies.
  • Impressive network of roadways, railways, aviation and waterways.
  • Peaceful and serene atmosphere, consistent political framework.
  • Housing sector open to investors from outside the state for the first time.
  • Baddi, the newfound love nest of the Indian industry, has attracted 75 per cent of the Rs 35,000 crore invested in the state. 


  • Strategic location on the trans-national trade corridor.
  • Well connected road and rail network.
  • Three international airports at Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode and Cochin.
  • An international seaport with container cargo-handling facility at Cochin.
  • Excellent communication network.
  • Highest density of science and technology personnel.
  • 100% literate workforce
  • Rich natural resources—minerals, marine and agri-products.

September 2010

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