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Oral Cleansing 

 Arti Gaur          

These days we spend thousands, even lakhs of rupees to look good and attractive. Well, this desire has also made us understand the value of good health because you can look good only if you have good health. Keeping your body clean from inside is also as important as taking a bath. Here is a tip to keep your mouth and teeth clean. 

First one has to remove the used up prana or wastes from the system and prepare the body for absorption of fresh prana, required for the day. Every morning, after emptying the bowels, check the tongue. A coated tongue indicates the presence of toxins (ama) in the body. The colour of the coating indicates disturbed dosha in the body. Clean the mouth and teeth thoroughly. The age-old practice of chewing and flossing teeth with neem twigs is the most effective method for strengthening and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. We all know that bad breath is indicative of decay, either in tooth cavities, gums or in the digestive organs. An effective remedy is to do frequent rinsing and gargling with mint tea. This can be brewed by boiling some mint leaves in water or steeping the leaves for 5 minutes in hot water. Dried and powdered mint leaves with some rock salt can also be used as a toothpowder. The tongue should also be scraped everyday. One can do this by using a neem twig, a wooden tongue cleaner or a silver spoon. This removes toxins and is also effective in improving digestion. 

For the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums and prevention of tooth decay, gargling and massaging the gums with sesame seed oil is very beneficial. Regular practice is good not only for the teeth and gums but also for the face, head and hair. Gargling with sesame seed oil promotes hair growth and shine and retards premature graying and hair fall. It also strengthens sense organs and prevents cough and throat infections. Regular gargling nourishes the skin and prevents early advent of wrinkles and imparts a glow and suppleness to the face.  

—The writer is an ayurved expert from Dhyan Foundation.
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September 2010

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