Suraj Sadan is an artist, teacher curator, a man who has left his imprint on many soils and in many hearts. He perseveres his creative and humanistic endeavours, forever guided by the gentle spirit of Mahatma Gandhi whom he had the great privilege of meeting in 1947, in a post-partition refugee centre at Kingsway Camp in Delhi.

Since 1969, Suraj Sadan has dedicated himself to the promotion of Mahatma Gandhiís philosophy of Non-Violence and Peace. At a time when the world is beset with terrorism and ethnic conflicts more and more people are seeking solace in Gandhiís ideals of non-violence, peace and simplicity.

In 2006, Suraj Sadan set up Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation in Montreal-Canada. The aim of this non-profit organization is to propagate the message of Mahatma Gandhi worldwide.

Suraj Sadan is carrying on this mission through his drawing and paintings with an intention of encouraging younger generations to become familiar with the work of Gandhi, who served as an example for the entire world during the 20th Century in his determined fight to free India without violence.

RECOGNIZING YOUNG ARTISTS: Suraj Sadan, president of the Mahatma Gandhi International Foundatoin, recognizes the paintings of young, talented Indian artists in the presence of Canadian High Commissioner to India, Stewart G. Beck. PEACE TRINITY: Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, great ambassadors of peace in the world, speak silently from Sadanís canvas.


MASTER CLASS: Sadanís paintings are well accepted throughout India. In fact, at the PBD 2011, his paintings will be on display at the Vigyan Bhavan, the only artist permitted thus.

January 2011

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