BOOK: Hello, Bastar
Price: Rs 250
Publisher: Tranquebar
Number of pages: 202



Rahul Pandita has been quietly, but assiduously, scouring the heartlands of India’s insurgent movements. His present book, Hello Bastar, is a work of a journalist who knows how to sift the wheat from the chaff, and ensure, unlike many others, that the chaff does not get printed.To that extent, the writer has gone directly, and without much ado, into the dark underbelly of one of India’s most impoverished regions, celebrated for decades for all the wrong reasons. In this tribal belt, he meets people who are deeply impressed by China’s Mao Tse-tung and his peasants’ army. He meets people whose mindsets are revolutionary, and there is a deep antipathy for the establishment in New Delhi. If you are looking to read about how India’s famous Maoist and Naxal movements have survived, how they are fuelled, and who they target, then this is a decent book to read.


BOOK: Beyond the Offce Window
Price: Rs 400
Publisher: Konark Publishers 
Number of pages: 178



A.K. Pande was a celebrated customs and economic intelligence official during his hey days who never shied from taking on the most powerful business establishments of his time in India. Right after he had retired from a top Government job—Director General and Special Secretary, Economic Intelligence Bureau in the Ministry of Finance—he had written a book that focused on India’s unsung customs enforcement officials who risked their lives day in and day out in order to stop a leaking system from crumbling completely.This time around, he’s penned another book—Beyond the Office Window—that looks at life outside the world of snooping and investigations. Pande has discovered India by travelling across the country, and is surprised at what he’s missed while he was busy keeping the underworld and heavyweight economic offenders at bay. It is a world filled with music, and the sightings of the majestic beauty that India holds. He’s taken time out to listen to the call of the birds, and the voice in his heart, and has come out humming a new melody in his life.

July 2011

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