Will it strike the right chord?

Trilok Malik

Khushiyaan — Moments of Happiness

Bollywood movies based on Punjabi families in India and overseas, appealing to both Indian and NRI audiences, are common. But this time around actor Tirlok Malik has directed a Punjabi movie called Khushiyaan for NRI audiences. The movie released worldwide by Eros Entertainment on October 14 sets out to touch raw chords and emotions. As Malik says, “every person has an emotional journey with their family and all relationships around. All emotions are universal but yet each one of us has a personal experience. A personal point of view looking at moments… moments that can stir every cell in your body… moments that can take you deep into feelings… feelings you do not dare to think. Through this film I invite all of you to explore with me… Is your heart at the right place?” We’ll find out.


October 2011

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