On July 25, 2011, an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) and the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa (CISA) at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa for research on Indian capital, labour and global responsibility in Africa. The details of the agreement are given below: 


• Immediately upon signature of this Agreement by both MOIA and the University CISA shall initiate the Programmes described in the above-mentioned proposal. 
• For the purposes of carrying out the University’s obligation under this Agreement to implement the Programmes, the University makes available the facilities and infrastructure of the Faculty which are presently being utilised by CISA and further space subject to availability to allow for the expansion of the Centre’s staff numbers. 
• Both the University and the MOIA will contribute resources to support the implementation of the Programmes by CISA. 
• The University has assigned Professor Dilip M.Menon, the current incumbent of the Mellon Chair in Indian Studies and Director of CISA, who is a faculty member of School of Literature and Language Studies to head the Programmes. He will be supported by a group of scholars recruited specifically to conduct research for the Programmes, as and when needed. 
• All Intellectual Property created in the course of and arising from the Programmes vests in the University in accordance with the University’s rules, regulations, policies and procedures. 


• This Agreement shall commence from the date of the signing of the Agreement by the last party to sign and will continue for a period of four years. It may be extended for further terms of five years each. 
• The parties undertake to consult with one another 3 (three) months before the expiry of the period stipulated in this paragraph, in order to decide on the continuation of the Agreement for a further period as well as on the terms and conditions on which the Agreement will be renewed. 
• There will be an annual review of the Programmes to consider the progress achieved by CISA. The review will be conducted by the Advisory Committee described in Clause 5 Provided that the University has performed its obligations as provided in this Agreement then MOIA will continue to fund the Programmes for the duration of the Agreement. 


• The total monetary costs (excluding contributions in kind) of establishing and running the Programmes for a four-year period is estimated to be USD 1, 247, 453. As its contribution the MOIA will pay to the University a grant of USD 1, 247, 453 to set up and run the Programmes. 
• As its contribution, the University will make available the services of the Director of CISA to head the Programmes and provide accommodation and related infrastructure for CISA as described in clause 1.2. 
• The grant from the MOIA shall be released as follows: 
2011-2012 USD 310, 679 
2012-2013  USD 329, 885 
2013-2014  USD 277, 004 
2014-2015  USD 329, 885 
Grand Total  USD 1,247, 453

September 2011

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