India Was One

Author:An Indian 
Total pages: 370

The author, an Indian American, has chosen to give himself the pseudonym “An Indian”, which is a novel idea. The book gets into flashback mode early, and makes its way through a happy bunch of college friends who belong to upper middle class households in Mumbai. Two of the friends, Kaahi and Jai, end up getting married, and continue to keep close association with the rest of the group. Life moves on, and Kaahi and Jai go over to the USA where Jai is in charge of his father’s business. When they eventually decide to return to India, they realize that things have taken a dramatic twist back home. India is divided into two nations—South and North India, and the two cannot get back to the same city. The author is trying to make a serious point—about how much we can go on dividing the country, instead of remaining united. In order to honour the concept of India, in order to remain true to his Indian-ness, the author has rightly avoided naming himself. For by doing so he would end up disclosing his native state, and that would give cause for judging his thought process and the reader’s biases would set in. At certain times the plot does get a little unreal, but the larger point being made is well taken. A good, easy read.


The Newsroom Mafia 
Publisher:Grey Oak 
Author:Oswald Pereira 
Total pages: 260 
Price Rs: 245/-
Available Soon
Available soon from INDIA EMPIRE Publications. A coffee table book on the GOPIO, the world’s premier Indian Diaspora organization with outreach across five continents. The 200-page book will be available at Rs 995. To order write to us at

Authored by Dr Awtar Singh from Los Angeles, this is a book on his life in India and the USA. After decades of crisscrossing continents, Dr Singh decided to talk about his memories as a young Punjabi immigrant from (then) West Pakistan forced into India, and the tough journey that followed. The book poignantly captures a visit to his house in Pakistan along with his brother, a retired Air Marshal, and his sister who lives close to him in Los Angeles.


Authored by Mrs Neena Sahai, wife of retired ambassador P.S. Sahai, this book mixes some lovely artistic works with racy anecdotes about life in different continents. While her husband kept busy with diplomatic work, Mrs Sahai carried out the duties of a diplomat’s wife, and never forgot to keep notes. The book is an easy read and its entire sales proceeds will go towards charity.



Au rythme des tambours sacrés 
Written by Christelle Gourdine, a fourth generation PIO who grew up in Paris and also the French island of Guadeloupe in the West Indies, this book is a Francophone account of the author’s quest to know about India, the land of her ancestors. Dismayed by a negative portrayal of India in the Western Media, she wrote about India as she saw it, about its glamour and poverty, its economic accomplishments, and its social burdens.



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