Dr Amitabha Sen


Dr Amitabha Sen needs no introduction in the legal fraternity. He has the unique distinction of having licenses to practice Law and Engineering both in India and California. After working in the United States for over three decades, Dr Sen moved back to India in 1997. At present, he is practicing law in several international courts. Talking to India Empire, the 70-year-old veteran lawyer said NRIs were not treated well in the country. He said they should not only be given voting rights, but also treated as first-rate citizens
Why you think that the NRIs are not treated well in India ?
My daughter is a NRI. She did her law in the United States. We have no system in India which can allow her to practice law in the Indian courts. Thatís ridiculous.

Thatís a case in isolation. Why do you think all NRIs are not treated well?
Most of us had gone abroad as there were neither jobs nor money in India. But when the NRIs want to come back, there are a lot of restrictions on them. They canít invest directly in many sectors. They canít vote. Why? At the end of the day, they have done India proud. They have brought in foreign currency into the country. They should be treated like any other citizen.

Why did you choose to return to India?
I didnít want to live like a second rate citizen in any foreign country. I was born here, I want to die here only. I had no problems coming back to India, as I had not left my citizenship.

What is the best part about Indian judiciary?
I have never ever bowed my head before any judge in India. That is the beauty of this country.

Why you feel many NRIs want to return back to India?
They are all Indians. The word NRI should be abolished. They have every right to come back to India. But there are many restrictions. And the Government should sincerely lift all restrictions, so that they can settle back in this country. As far as I know, 99 per cent NRIs want to return.

March 2012

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