Wings of Hope, a British children’s charity co-founded by Mrs Rajni Sriram, celebrated the Wings of Hope Achievement Awards (WOHAA) in April in London. The charity raises funds through the WOHAA which are utilized to sponsor school projects for underprivileged children in India and Malawi

On May 2, 2013, the Royal College of Surgeons where the awards ceremony was held was packed with half a dozen head teachers, 25 teachers and over 300 students and their parents from schools across the U.K. Earlier, things started to hot up at the WOHAA when 22 teams lined up for the semi-final rounds at the House of Lords. Each team was given a 5-minute slot in which they could present the creative side of fund raising. The judges for the WOHAA this year included Alok Sharma (MP, Vice Chairman, Conservative Party) Jackie Cooper (Global Chair, Creative Strategy), Edelman, Baroness Verma of Leicester (Minister at the Department of Energy and Climate Change), Suzanne Avery (Managing Director, Real Estate and Sustainability at RBS), Sir David Jason, Dr Sri Ram (Co-Founder of The Wings of Hope Children’s Charity), N Shankar (Managing Director of Tata Consultancy Services, UK & EIRE), Rajni Sriram (Co-Founder of The Wings of Hope Children’s Charity), Justice Ebrahim (Supreme Court Judge, Zimbabwe), Mrs Ebrahim, Lady Gill Hinchcliffe, Ruth Amos (The Youngest Entrepreneur) and Clarke Carlisle (Chairman of the Professional Footballers’ Association).

Meanwhile, Jamie Proctor, a third year undergraduate student who is a past participant of the WOHAA has taken the initiative to build a primary school in Malawi. Jamie, along with a group of his University friends who are doing a degree in engineering, is taking a year out after their degree to build this school. Jamie believes that engineers, architects and project managers make up a significant part of the budget. The raw materials and lower level labor is very cheap.

Therefore, by taking a team out unpaid it would dramatically cut the cost required to deliver an area school, whilst at the same time giving newly qualified graduates vital work experience to put on their CV.


Overall Winning Team:
Team Unity, Hasmonean High School

Overall Runners up:
Shooting Stars, Nower Hill

Best Presentation:
Winners: Encore, Heathfield School
Runners Up: Lord of the Wings, Collingwood College

Most Innovative:
Winners: Team Spark, Tormead School
Runners Up: Congeniality, Latymer Upper School


The First Round of Teams Getting Briefed by Dr Sri Ram Best Presentation runner up – Lord of the Wings from Collingwood high school with Dr Sriram
Overall Winners – Team Unity, Hasmonean – Presented by Rajni Sriram Happy organizers
Most innovative runners up – Team Spirit from Surbiton High School with Damon Clark, Brandwidth Dancers from Pineapple
WOHAA student Emma from Surbiton High School singing Valerie by Amy Winehouse The Parades


Team Inspiration - Claremont High School
Shoop’s - Bentley Wood High School
The Legacy - Francis Holland School
Remedy - Abbey School
Unity - Hasmonean Girls' School
Inspire - Nonsuch High School
Team Awareness - Newstead School
Encore - Heathfield School
Spark - Tormead School
Shooting Stars - Nower Hill High School
Majors - Tiffin Boys & Tiffin Girls
Aspire - Valentines High School
Ignite - Tendring College
Quench - Clapton Girls' School
ACE - Langley Park School for Girls
Lord of the Wings - Collingwood School
Go! - Merchant Taylors' School
Congeniliaty - Latymer Upper School
Jump for Joy - Featherstone High School
Devoted Voices - Islamia Girls' School
Rise to Help - Alperton Community School
Spirit - Surbiton High School
Little Muffins - St Mary's School



“Thank you for inviting me to be a judge at Semi Finals for The Wings of Hope WOHAA. I was so inspired by the young peoples’ creativity, hearts and resourcefulness. Also by the blessing circle, ie young people growing in our schools and in so doing helping young people in Malawi and India to have a better education and future. This is very close to my heart and to RBS.”
—Suzanne Avery, Managing Director, Real Estate and Sustainability at RBS

“Congratulations on another terrific event. I thought the standard of entries were quite amazing and as ever, the whole experience was superb.”
—Jackie Cooper, Global Chair, Creative Strategy, Edelman

“As always, very well organised and a great success for the students. I hope the rest of the day went well. Just a reminder that there is a very easy way for all the students to raise money with no input from themselves other than letting their friends and relatives know about the website EASYFUNDRAISING. Always thinking of ways your wonderful charity can raise money”
—Lady Gill Hinchcliffe

“I was very pleased to be asked to be a panellist and sit alongside Sir David to judge the presentations. The Wings of Hope Achievement Awards are a fantastic initiative that not only encourages charitable giving to an extremely worthwhile cause, but also provides young people with an excellent opportunity to develop important transferable skills.”
—Alok Sharma (MP, Vice Chairman, Conservative Party)

May 2013

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