Yogi Ashwini          

There is only one way to get out of pain and grief and that is karma. Karma is foremost in creation. And karma is not praying well for someone and then resuming whatever pleasures you are busy having. You actually have to make the effort and act it out. Because you are still searching for pleasure—be it food, dance or having babies—you are destroying your positive karmas, even if the pleasure is in feeding animals. Therefore our ancient wise men spoke of vairagya...na paapam na punyam na sukham na dukham...it is then that your swaroop can be of sat-chit-anand and shivoham, not before that. If you identify yourself with any pain or pleasure, then you will remain stuck in it and take another birth. Each of you is with me for a definite time period, then it does not matter if I am in the body or not. If in that time you receive the gyan and affect atma-parivartan (self-transformation) then you will go forward otherwise you will find another Guru or go on till the end when pain will peak. Vairagya or detachment has been called the final phase of yog. As soon as you attach yourself, you remain stuck. One can imagine the phenomenal levels of detachment that were possessed by the rishis of satyug, who amidst all the pleasures of the yug, chose to leave everything and were desirous of moksha. What would have been the capacity of their gurus who in those times were able to give the gyan of what lay ahead of them if they continue with all this.

Everything around us, good or bad, can be summarised in two words—mithya and maya. Every person with you is with you for the reason—‘what can you give him / her?’ Some want physical support, some emotional. Just stop giving what s/he wants and then see what his / her swaroop will become.

People ask me that when all this is mithya, when it all amounts to pain, then why did God separate us from him. God does not part anybody from Him, it is we, who part ourselves from Him, due to our desires. Let me explain the swaroop of Shiv parivar, what I previously described as 'na papam na punyam'. Shiv holds Ganga in his locks which signifies purity. The neck is adorned with Mund-maala (garland of skulls) which is a form of Mahakaal that signifies impurity. At the bottom is urik or vaak charm, again signifying impurity (mrit shareer or dead body). So both purity and impurity come in Shiv. On his head is the crescent moon, the swaroop of Chandrashekhar, which is epitome of beauty. His body is smeared with bhasma, signifying ugliness (for normal people). Snakes coil around his neck and snakes eat mouse…mouse is vehicle of Ganesh. The vehicle of Kartikeya is peacock and a peacock eats the snake. Mata Shakti rides a tiger and Shiv a bull and a tiger eats bull. While Shiv is kaam nashna (one who destroyed kaamdeva), on his left sits Mata Shakti. They are a family and without kaam, there can be no family. So both swaroop come in him, once again. The ornament of Shiv is rudraksha, whereas that of Mata is Swarn mani. All the levels of existence—bhoot, pret, pishach, devi, devta, sur, asur are his gan, he never refuses anybody. Thus, the swaroop of Lord Shiv includes everything, there is nothing outside it.

But for us, the swaroop is mithya and maya. Every aspect of creation is unreal and illusionary, nothing besides it. So many who have the capacity to reach places in yog get caught in this and leave the path, for mithya and maya are both extremely powerful shaktis. Take your own example. Every day you would be asking yourself, ‘where am I stuck’ and yet, you are not able to leave. No matter how much wealth you have, how much fame you have, till the time you are not in yog, your birth is full of pain. You don’t have any other alternative, except pure yog. Instead of looking for cures and solutions, take yog as yog…to find a way to exit from here. What is here to look forward to? Even if you live an extra fifteen years, what will happen in those years that have not already happened? It is high time that you stop chasing pleasures, they will take you nowhere. Instead they will tie you more and more.

 - The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in.

October 2013

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