January 2017 \ Interviews \ Key Political Interview
“The state of law and order in UP is deplorable”


You started your political career during your student days in Jammu…

Yes. We had gheraoed the assembly. Right from my early days as a student I was always willing to stick my neck out if women were being harassed or intimidated and bullied. 

There were uncharitable things written about you on websites. How did you come to terms with that?

On the Wikipedia, some objectionable editing was done by some miscreants claiming I had two husbands. The fact is that when I was married, my husband’s name was Satish Verma, he was an MLA. He later changed his name to Krishan Kumar. It is the same person who has changed his name, but some miscreants made it out differently. I raised the issue in Parliament. I said that if a woman MP is not safe, what about other women of this country. 

What do you think of demonetization?

Yes, there is a little suffering initially. But everything will be alright in the next two to three months. Prime Minister has asked us to go to the people and tell them about how our country will benefit. Common people are happy, and they have asked me to convey the same to PM. We all know that the ones that are pained the most are the ones whose black money is now gone.