“Confident about the formation of a BJP government for another term”

Confident about the formation of a BJP government for another term in Gujarat, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel said that his government’s schemes don’t differentiate on religious lines and it would not tolerate anyone who tries to flout state policies

By Shashi Bhushan

The BJP government at the Centre is working with the policy of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, but in Gujarat there is a lot of talk about minority communities. What would you say?

My style of functioning is different. Our government has only a policy that no one should face problems and our government is doing whatever is required to improve the life of every citizen. And the schemes and policies of Gujarat are for all irrespective of religion. Gujarat has a policy and we would not tolerate anyone breaking the policies of the government.


Why is your government planning to teach the ‘Gita’ in schools?

It is too early to discuss it. After studying everything we will talk and decide. This question should not be raised now.


In the last election the Congress gave a tough fight to the BJP. How do you see the opposition challenges including the Congress in this year’s election as many new parties are coming, planning to contest the assembly polls?

Before the assembly polls, the local bodies elections were held. The BJP has won all the ‘Zila Panchayat’ elections. There is no challenge from anyone. The BJP organisation and government are working together for the people.


Has the party set any target on the number of seats to win in this year’s assembly elections?

What the Gujarat BJP president has said might happen. I am a positive man and never contest elections to defeat someone but contest it to win. I contest elections to win every seat not to defeat someone.


Are there any possibilities that the BJP may field a large number of fresh faces in the assembly polls like in your cabinet?

In the BJP, even a chief minister is not sure of his ticket and you are asking me about others.


How do you see the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) chances in the Gujarat assembly polls?

In a democracy everyone has the right to contest elections.

During elections a number of parties can come. But this is not the case with the BJP. The BJP has never been an election oriented party and it works throughout the year. Our workers keep on working throughout the year at every level. The workers themselves keep on working for the people, to solve the issues of the public at their own level.

After I was made the Chief Minister, there was an election in the Municipal Corporation in Gandhinagar. Everyone was saying that the AAP will come to power but the BJP has managed to win 41 out of 44 seats. Earlier the BJP was never in a majority because it used to win about 50 per cent of the seats but this time we have been able to win in a big way and only due to the hard work of the workers.

The BJP is working among the people. Our workers are with the people during Covid. Prime Minister Modi is globally the most popular leader and his rating is rising. The BJP is strongly positioned and the opposition is losing ground.