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“There has been a big spike in tourists from India to Zambia”

Mr Bangwe Naviley Chisenga, First Secretary, Press and Tourism, High Commission of the Republic of Zambia, speaks to India Empire Magazine’s Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty at the High Commission in New Delhi

The Mission has been in North India for tourism promotion, for instance at the Maharishi Markandeshwar University in Haryana where six Zambian students showed exceptional spirit in the promotion of Zambian culture at the third North Indian Zonal Inter-University Youth Festival. A presentation was also made at the Asian Institute of Diplomacy and at international fairs, and at the tourism and trade meeting at Kathmandu, Nepal to market Zambia’s tourism. The Mission also took part in tourism promotion at Ashoka University, Haryana during the students’ international tourism day dubbed Ubuntu.


In all you have over two dozen water falls, some of them of gigantic proportions. Please talk us through the other major ones…

Other than the Victoria Falls, Zambia has the Kalambo Falls which is Africa’s second deepest falls. It is also a rich archaeological resource. Kalambo Falls is said to be second highest free-leaping or single-drop waterfall. It is in high flow in May and June, but this depends on how much rainfall the region gets each year. Zambia has got the lion’s share of water resources in whole Southern Africa. There are more than ten waterfalls in Zambia from the south to the north. And this makes Zambia a tempting place to visit because of the large areas that are untouched by man. The visitor can travel to private tourist sites to see, feel and hear. Then you have the Kabweluma Falls that comprises of three flatbed waterfalls, each spilling into the next. The first and main cascade is 25-metre high which is followed by two smaller cascades. The locals believe that these falls are home to yet another Snake Spirit that lives under the rainbow which can be viewed at any time of the day. Then you have the Chishimba Falls, Ngonye Falls in the Western Province, waterfalls, and another one at the Serenje District (see section on waterfalls for entire list).

There are opportunities to explore plenty of magnificent wild life in Zambia and Safari Tours are very popular. Can you please mention the top ones, and also throw light on the safety factor?

So there is a saying that Zambia is the birthplace of the legendary Walking Safari. It is untamed area, but very safe because of the highly trained, experienced and professional guides and provides for a perfect adventure. The country has several safari camps and lodges. Walking Safari tours are marked by expert advice, competitive quotes, efficiency in service delivery and warm receptions.