September 2020 \ Arts & Entertainment \ BOOK REVIEW
An Interesting Book on Contemporary Situation: “Event Management: A Zero Investment Start-up Business”

This book written by Abhijeeth Bhattacharjee ...

By Dr Shankar Chatterjee

Also in social life, according to the author, ‘Events’ are the celebrations that provide an opportunity to meet and share happy moments with family members, relatives, colleagues, and friends. A family event is envisaged as an opportunity to meet old friends and relatives and develop new relationships through matrimonial alliances. Before winding up in a nutshell, I wish to mention a few lines. At the outset, I congratulate the author Abhijeeth Bhattacharjee for lucidly presenting important tips, tools, techniques, and pragmatic approach towards making a successful career in Event Management. In this book, he has narrated how one can start his/her journey in Event Management with Zero Investment which is really praiseworthy information. The book has added special flavour as two cases, one on - Event Designing of Factory Inauguration and Unveiling of the Foundation Stone and other one on Event Designing of a Social Event (Wedding Event), are stimulating.

—The reviewer is a former professor and head (CPME), NIRD and

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