“Our countries and peoples share goals of advancing peace, security and stability”

H.E. Mr Chandrikapersad Santokhi, President of the Republic of Suriname ...

What steps are you planning to take to open up business opportunities for Indian companies in Suriname which can serve as a gateway to the Latin American and Caribbean region, and also on the significance of enterprise in Suriname, going forward?

We have already opened discussions with India through the Indian Embassy in Paramaribo to outline an agenda for future business and investments from India. Our government has waived visa requirements for Indian nationals who wish to visit Suriname for business purposes. We will continue building on the existing formal agreements between our countries. Areas of interest are of course the more traditional ones like agriculture and minerals and we are also looking into new areas that will create both business and jobs in Suriname. We believe India could play an important role when it comes to new technologies in clean energy and ICT. It is clear for us that Suriname can play a strategic role as a commercial and business hub for the Latin American markets. We would welcome Indian expertise to assist us in developing these areas. We believe that to grow our economy we should create good policies to support businesses and allow young entrepreneurship to grow and prosper. New jobs will only be created by facilitating businesses and creating predictable and clear behaviour of the government and legislature.