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“Was honoured when invited to PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony in 2019”

Drs Rajindre (Ryan) Tewari speaks to India Empire Magazine on his connection with India, the land from where his forefathers emigrated to Dutch Guiana (modern-day Suriname) where he was born and his settling down in Holland. His business connections with India have strengthened over the years

  • Drs Rajindre (Ryan) Tewari

Interview with Drs Rajindre (Ryan) Tewari, International Chairman of GOPIO’s Cultural Council, and Secretary-General of the newly established Europe India Business Council (EIBC)

Please tell us about yourself…we understand your family migrated to Suriname and settled in the Netherlands following Suriname’s independence in 1975…

I was born in Paramaribo, which is the capital of Suriname, which was then Dutch territory till 1975. My grandparents and their parents were partly traveling back and forth to Holland and India for years. My father only traveled to the US and Holland for his work but my family on both sides were well off in both their professional and their social life as well and extremely active in establishing social networks for the Indians in Suriname such as religious organisations, political parties and even a radio station etc. One of them even was a deputy governor for the Dutch colony and was awarded by the queen for his work.