"The way of the Saint is different from the way of the politician"

H.H. Ganivariye Shri Rajendra Vijayji Maharaj spoke to India Empire Editor Sayantan Chakravarty on a range of subjects

Our history was glorious…then at some point we became slaves…

We are still slaves of our history. People hesitate to send their children to Government schools. Look at the proliferation of western food with a heavy emphasis on meat. Our Maharishis used to say, jaisa anna, vaisa mann (your mind is a reflection of the food you eat). Animal food creates animal nature. We have to go back to our ancient practices. Then the glory will be restored.

 TRIBAL PLATFORM: Maharaj Ji with tribals from different parts of India for whose upliftment he works tirelessly

We claim to be a great and tolerant civilization, but why does it not show on the roads of Delhi where people drive in such an aggressive and vulgar way? What has gone wrong?

It is a reflection on where we are headed. We are so busy chasing the material world, that we have forgotten to be compassionate. People don’t care when they drive. This shows that spiritual energy is not there in ample measure. And where will this spiritual energy come from, if what we watch, what we eat, what we see is lowering our energy all the time? This low energy reflects on the roads, where people take out their frustrations. It is time that our society goes back to creating an atmosphere of higher thoughts, and higher action.