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It is a tough time for Bipasha Basu who is shuttling between the sets of Madhur Bhandarkar’s "Corporate” and Lilavati Hospital where her fiancé John Abraham is being treated for typhoid. Coping with this new problem and her workload isn’t easy. But she is managing. “John is fine. The tests are done. “I’m trying to juggle among my shootings, rehearsals for concert and the hospital. It’s not easy since I’ve myself lately surfaced from a viral attack. “In fact, John and I had fallen ill simultaneously just before he left for Kabul.” Her director Madhur Bhandarkar seems to understand the situation. “She has been working as usual all day. But she would withdraw into a shell after every shot. I hope for her sake John recovers fast,” he says.



It isn’t easy to get Uday Chopra. Not that he’s reclusive, but he likes to remain in his own space. “That’s why I don’t get affected when people comment on my being the Yash Raj scion. I’m so much into my own world to my own family, close circle of friends. Even when I’m working it’s with friends.” In his list of friends are Abhishek Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan and bonded long before we did ‘Dhoom’ together. So it was a party on the sets.