Bollywood Buzz 

We recently heard about Himesh Reshammiya’s hush hush acting debut. The buzz is model Shivani Kapoor will play one of the leads in the film titled Aap Kaa Suroorr. The film is rumoured to have a budget of Rs 100 crore involving foreign technicians and artists. He has also lost weight and will be sporting a new look for the film

Super hunk Arjun Rampal is waiting to make his presence felt in a big way in Don. “I felt the character essayed by Pran was too old. I felt it needed to be a lot younger and I thought Arjun would be the right fit for the part”

Katrina Kaif won’t be a part of Ram Gopal Varma Ki Sholay. While reports suggest she was dropped because of her diction problem, the actress says it was due to “date problems”