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Tourists spend more while in india

India ranks midway in Happiness Index
India is among the destinations with the highest per tourist expenditure figures in the world contrary to the belief that it is the ideal place for the backpacker.
India in 2005, according to World Tourism Organisation data, earned an average of around $1,500 from every foreign tourist who visited the country.
Thatís almost three times the $556 that they spend in France, the top tourist destination of the world. Itís also nearly twice the global average of $844 per head.

China had about 47 million tourists in 2005, much more than the 4 million visitors to India but the tourist spends only $626 there.
India has been ranked at 62 in the happiness index while many of its neighbours like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are placed above.

According to the United Kingdom-based New Economic Foundationís happy planet index (HPI) the archipelago in South Pacific Vanuatu, east of Australia, is the happiest country in the world and Zimbabwe in Africa is the saddest.
The US, the worldís largest economy in terms of GDP, is ranked 150th. However India is ranked second only after China in the list of top 11 of nations ranked in terms of GDP.

India is ranked 125th in terms of human development indicators (HDI).