Interview: Teja Raju


Maytas Infra Private Limited is a 20-year-old Hyderabad based Infrastructure Development Company with major forays into irrigation, transportation, power, building and structures. It is a 20 year old ISO 9001-200 certified firm and its current order book stands at Rs 3,500 crore. In an interview, Maytas Infra Vice Chairman Teja Raju provides an overview of the firm’s rapid growth

Q: Please let us know about your latest projects in highways and rural electrification…
A: Maytas has recently bagged about 150 crores worth works towards rural electrification works in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. The company has signed a Contract Agreement with Director (Projects), PWD, Chhattisgarh for execution of State Highway improvement projects (ADB funded) in Chhattisgarh. The project is valued at Rs 65 crore. Maytas has also been awarded the Trichy-Padalur road work in Tamil Nadu, worth Rs. 190 crores, the works on which will begin in November. The duration of the project is 24 months.

Q: Kindly throw some light on the long-term vision of Maytas Infrastructure.
A: Maytas with a strong vision to ‘enhance quality of life by creating world class infrastructure’, has sighted its focus on several areas to build technical, managerial and leadership skill sets that will help bid and win strategic deals. Maytas, as a market leader in construction management and infrastructure development, would also capitalize on the tremendous growth in demand for quality infrastructure.

Q: What are the main areas that you are focused on?
A: Maytas’ main area of focus lies in irrigation and highways.

Q: Linked to Maytas are the Byrraju Foundation and EMRI. What kind of support do they provide to the activities of Maytas?
A: Both the entities work independently for their cause and objective.

Q: Please elaborate on your new initiatives in the areas of airports and seaports…
A: Maytas Infra is focused on development of projects leveraging the potential in the infrastructure sphere. As part of this, the company has initiated diversification plans to tap sectors such as Oil & gas, Power generation, Transmission & distribution, Airports & Seaports, Railways (including MRTS).

Maytas’ participation in the aviation sector includes construction of terminal buildings complete with plumbing, electrical and HVAC, construction of runways, aprons, parking bays, hangers and other structures. Maytas has the necessary resources to develop Greenfield airports on public-private partnership basis.

Maytas has initiated development of seaport infrastructure comprising land development, construction of berths, jetties, breakwaters, and other marine structures, cargo handling facilities, transportation connectivity by rail & road, and related infrastructure, including development of adjacent land for setting up port related industries.

Q: Also let us know on your company’s recent initiatives in the areas of railways, oil and gas, and petrochemicals…
A: Railways
Maytas is foraying into the development of rail infrastructure in association with the Rail Vikas Nigam Limited and the zonal Railways. Maytas would be building the complete railway infrastructure including the embankment, structures, Permanent Way, Overhead electrification and the signaling system. The Maytas Railway team has the expertise and experience to undertake turnkey projects including bridges and tunnels in all kinds of terrain.

Urban Transportation
As a part of this initiative, Maytas will be involved in the development of underground, elevated and over-land Mass Rapid Transit Systems (MRTS) for urban transportation. The Rail based urban transportation would also include systems such as Sky-bus, Monorail, Aerial Ropeways and other transport systems.

Oil & Gas
The Oil & Gas infrastructure comprises facilities for offshore and onshore oil / gas extraction & separation, transportation, and downstream processing. This entails fabrication, erection and commissioning of oilfield platforms, sub-sea piping networks, onshore receiving and storage facilities, cross-country pipelines, and refining and petrochemical facilities. 
Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Thermal Power Generation Maytas Infra entered the power generation sector with the establishment of Gautami Power Limited, a joint venture enterprise. The 460-MW facility is located in Samarlakota in East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. 

Hydroelectric Power Generation
Maytas Infra has been active in the field of civil construction for hydel projects. Maytas has executed projects in diverse locations such as Himachal Pradesh, Orissa and Andaman Islands.