Yogi Ashwini          

If you read Shiv Purana,you will find many stories on Shiv and Shakti having a dispute or disagreement on some issue. And as soon as there is a disagreement they immediately take separate ways. Sometimes Shakti goes and at other times Shiv goes…why? Because of that discordance, even slight disagreement results in separation. Because that is the perfection of highest degree, so slightest of discordance means instant separation. And when they separate, what does that mean? Something that separates also unites. Separation, is an indication of union. On Shivratri a merger happens after which there will be separation again. The creation cannot remain static, it is dynamic, there has to be movement and movement can occur only in two ways—either separation or union.

So never forget this, that whenever you meet somebody, whatever it may be—business, relationship, etc—at that moment itself the time when you have to separate gets decided. And the moment you separate that very moment it is decided when you have to meet again. But this is the case at the highest intensity. At the lower level, where frequency is grosser, where thoughts are embedded in the physical, when discordance happens at this level and separation occurs then there is no certainty that you will meet that soul in some other form. Why? Because at the lower level there is a greater chance of frequency going up and down because after all its just that one thought, nothing more than that. One thought comes and everything finishes. Today a thought comes let me go to place A, tomorrow the thought comes let me go to B, only a single thought is enough to change the path. And what do I mean by change of path, it means the frequency changed, that means one thought at this level is enough to change the frequency at which you are vibrating. At a highest intensity the change is lower and after which it is higher again if the person improves. But at lower intensity the spectrum is so huge. There are so many loks, 7 of them, it’s a huge spectrum. And in such a big spectrum which soul goes in which direction, you don’t come to know.

This is the cause for re-birth and death. Because once you separate, how-so-ever close you may be (closeness again for most at this state is in the physical only, thought of everything is physical only) but once you separate you don’t know in which dimension you will go to. So if your frequency is of lower level, it is not the highest then our complete focus should be on developing that intensity and that is called ek tattva nirantar abhyas. And this means that whatever other physical things are there—relationships, businesses, emotional congestions, etc are immaterial. It is not important, they are there because you are in a body. Just take it as that and for no other purpose. Because you have to live in your body, that’s why this physical is important. But don’t ever make the intensity of that so much inside you that your focus shifts to something else. Do not alter that frequency to such an extent that it takes you in some other direction. When your frequency increases then you will go to some other dimension, like if at 10 Mega Hz you are here then at 11Mega Hz you will be beyond 10. So your prime focus should be this—to increase that intensity. And that change in intensity of frequency should be on Ek tattva only. If you take it anywhere else then you will go in some other direction. For instance ants have their own spectrum, so do cockroaches, crows they all are enjoying their own spectrums and do not go beyond that. Similarly, human beings have their own spectrum but the difference between anima­ls and humans is that within a human being there are many frequency spectrums and so the slightest of change in the frequency takes them in a new direction. It just takes one moment, one thought should come. Thought has the power to change you completely. In fact if you observe your own self the changes in you also is because of a change of that thought only. Just look at yourself what you used to do earlier and what you do now, it’s a difference of only one thought. That thought changes your frequency.

- To be Continued

 - The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in.

December 2012

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