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Every single day we meet ourselves in the mirror and discover a new crease of the skin, a new grey in the mane, a new disease or a new pain and each of us is constantly engaged in finding a solution, a remedy, a panacea to win this battle against our own ageing self. Agelessness and longevity have captured the interest of masters across civilizations for many millennia now. Yogi Ashwini, a master in Yoga, Tantra, Past-Life Revisiting and Healing Sciences, unveils the secrets of the Vedic seers to anti-ageing in his new book ‘Sanatan Kriya – The Ageless Dimension’. The book is being called a thesis on anti-ageing.

But is there really a dimension called the ageless? Can ageing really be stalled? Is it not, like birth and death, a natural process and hence inevitable?

India Empire speaks with the guiding light of Dhyan Ashram, Yogi Ashwini, on all this and more from his two decades of research on the being.

Ageing is a normal phenomenon of the body, are you propagating going against nature with this book?
It is normal to age...but for normal people. Ageing is a phenomenon of dulling of the senses and reduction in the size of the brain, the reaction time to a stimulus also becomes more, bones become brittle and the body becomes weak. We are going against nature that is why we are ageing faster. The various revolutions like green revolution and industrial revolution have polluted the planet and played havoc with our foundations and nature. Hence, there has been an advent of so many new diseases; every step which modern science takes forward is actually towards the destruction of the body...faster. So ageing is not natural. It is unnatural to fall sick and to age.

You mean it’s actually unnatural to age?
You have to first understand what is life and what is death and what is this body, then you will understand ageing. In my book, I have tried to explain all of the above and also what is the purpose of birth and what are the fundamentals behind the process of ageing. Once you understand all this, only then can you understand what is natural and what is unnatural. It is complicated to explain it all here.

Can you tell us something more about the new book?
The book is an attempt to awaken the hidden powers and potentials inside the human being. It is an attempt to make you understand who you are and what is the purpose of your birth, what are the mechanisms behind the process of ageing and how you are damaging your body with the modern lifestyle, the threats to you and how to go beyond them and live a healthy and happy life. Basically, it gives you techniques to prolong your life and leave the body at your will... knowing well where you are going.

Why did you feel the need to write a book on agelessness?
These days there are too many frauds. Often enough people who have written this kind of a book themselves do not exude such radiance. One such author was found with a prostitute in America. Certain people enter yoga to satisfy their physical urges. They come from humble backgrounds and by selling yogic kriyas and ayurvedic medicines amass great wealth and then venture into politics. This puts forth a wrong message that yoga is meant to achieve material and political goals. It is actually the other way round…people who have had enough of life and worldly pleasures enter yog to move beyond.
The youth of today take to artificial chemicals, laser treatments and cosmetic therapies to stay young and glowing. Some of the chemicals, which are known to be injurious, continue to be used as ingredients in most beauty products - SLS and SLES being common examples. Nobody knows of the techniques of the Vedic masters which are often misrepresented by equating tantra with pornography. Through this book reader can be informed about threats to him/her as well as get to know the authentic techniques of the vedic seers to attain the glow and radiance he/she is desirous of.

Does this book answer the quest for that eternal glow and radiance?
I have given the rare Sanjeevni Saar Kriya, by which you would be able to affect a complete kayakalp in you. Also some very rare herbal recipes are given which will stall ageing and give you that glow and radiance, protecting you from the damaging effects of the modern artificial techniques. Basically, you would go close to nature, understand its secrets and use them for your beauty, glow and longevity. I am not saying that you will become physically immortal, but I am saying that you will leave your body...you won't die.

Can gymming achieve similar results? Why or why not?
No. Any attempt to achieve longevity and health through artificial means is futile. The further away you go from nature, the faster you age. In a gym one is engaged in rapid, strenuous movements in an artificial environment. The body is like a machine with lubrication at various joints. Friction at rapid pace would definitely wear out these joints. Observe any gym-goer beyond the age of 35, you will find high incidence of spinal and knee problems. The more outward you go, the more physical you become and the faster you deteriorate.

Is Sanjeevni Saar an extension to the Sanatan Kriya?
Sanatan kriya has no sequels or extensions. It is a complete kriya in itself. It is designed to balance the body and prevent disease from entering. When the various layers of the body get balanced, certain profound spiritual experiences follow, thats it. Sanjeevni saar is more aimed at arresting the ageing process and getting a disease-free body with a radiance, which I have said is enough to attract the gods if done under a Guru, if not, then definitely it would just make human heads turn towards you. 

Does one need to follow an austere life to do yoga?
Austere lifestyle is a no in yog. Yog has no ritual, lifestyle or diet...yog sets you free. You dont tie yourself in knots, nor breathe rapidly like an animal, or keep long hair and beards. You behave naturally, the way you desire and if you desire to be austere then you can, otherwise do what you want to do...but do your practices as told by your guru, this is a must.

For more information on the anti-ageing book, ‘The Ageless Dimension’, write into info@dhyanfoundation.com or visitwww.dhyanfoundation.com.

September 2012

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