A move away from core, from truth

Yogi Ashwini          

What does change of yug mean?

Universe is constantly expanding, the modern scientists validate this fact. In the beginning, you were a part of that param shakti, but as time moved on, as a result of this expansion you started drifting away from it. With every passing moment, you are moving away from where you have come. The western scientists say that a time will come when the opposite of expansion, that is, contraction will start. When the time of annihilation is here, the whole universe will contract and so much pressure will be created that it will burst and then again it will start expanding. In this yug we have gone further away from what we actually are compared to the previous yug. We are constantly going away from our core, our truth.
Just two three generations ago, people had much stronger bodies, they did not take too many pills. Today we have developed health supplements, we claim that quality of food has improved, various equipments and machines have been developed to keep one healthy, and yet health eludes us. Before the British conquest of India, there existed a local cure for small pox in India. Imperialists who wanted to promote their vaccinations suppressed the use of this local cure. As a result, few million children died of small pox. Recently, it was in news that the polio vaccine that is being administered on a mass scale in the country is causing paralysis in children. Despite all the advancements, health is deteriorating and so is the condition of human being. Along with health, even the character is deteriorating. That is, truth is moving away from us. 

The vedic rishis had predicted this state of human beings many thousands of years ago.
Rishi Vishvamitra’s real name was Vishvarath. He came to be called Vishmamitra because he brought the diverse populations that existed at time under one roof. He united them all into one because he held that the day they become two, fights will start between two groups. Two means a difference of opinion. If you are with somebody and if you part away then that means your opinions differ. And when there is a difference in opinion, eventually one will have to listen to the other and before that happens, there will be a fight. Visit the courts, you will find thousands of cases pending before each judge, and majority of them are either divorce cases or discords between brothers. In a house, the husband and wife (or the two brothers) live as one, but as soon as there is a difference of opinion, fights begin. So from one, they become two. So when it became two from one then the fights happen. That is why Vishwamitra tried to keep everyone together. He told this to us 7,000 years ago that the day we will become two, from that day itself destruction of creation will begin.

Rishi Markandeya also told us that as time progresses, every new stage will be worse than the previous and the speciality of the last phase of kaliyug will be that yog gurus will start selling yog and that will render it ineffective. Seeing those people, others will also join in to sell it in the market, nobody would understand what is being sold or bought and yet it would be happening. Gyan would become an intellectual exercise, that is rather than imbibing it people would try to understand it with their brains. But you cannot get the gyan by intellect. So at that time, destruction would start and that will be the indication. And at that time the ones who will be defending yog and vedas would be laughed at (and these will be only 1 or 2 in millions). It is these few who will become the Rishis in the new yug.
Rishi Vyas used the definition of yugs to give gyan to his shishyas. On that basis he wrote everything. It was he who documented all the ancient texts and scriptures that are now available to us—Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas. In those times the yug was changing, and Rishi Vyas took birth for the purpose of documenting the gyan only. They knew that in the next yug, the concept of Guru will be lost. Nobody would understand what Guru is, what the concept of Guru is and there will be a need to explain all this intellectually…by reading texts. That is why Rishi Vyas was given the task of writing everything down because otherwise these sciences will be lost. Before that there was no need to write down the gyan because the Guru’s vakya used to be the supreme, above all (sarvopari). The beings knew that if Guru has said something then that is how it shall be, there was no need to understand or write it. They knew it is a shakti, a force, which has to move as per what the Guru says—it will happen that way only, nobody can stop that from happening, come what may. Even in astrology they used to make all the calculations mentally. In fact, even the businessmen in those times never kept accounts—whatever they got was fine, whatever they spent was ok.

All the sciences in those times were in the form of gyan (gyan swaroop), and today it is difficult to even comprehend that what gyan swaroop means? Because today you write everything down and memorise it. For instance, I did my honours in Economics and masters in Finance but if you ask me today I don’t even remember a single thing, even though back then I knew the books by heart. And I’m sure you too will be in the same state. So just imagine you spent 15 or 16 years in learning something but the day you gave your exam you started to forget it and today you don’t remember anything. So what was the use of all the studying? What is its practical utility in your life today? Where do you use it? Whatever might be your profession you have excelled in that by your own mind, your intuition. If you would have followed the bookish principles, would you be able to do anything? That is why the concept of writing and memorising never existed in our culture, only gyan was given and when gyan flowed from Guru to the shishya then s/he would understand the whole creation. But at that time we were close to our centre, our core.

Just think, if our grand fathers used to be so healthy then what would have been the health of their grandfathers and their great grandfathers? And look at the state of the kids today—thick specs, bent back, greying hair and practically no immunity—they remain ill all the time. Now imagine what will be the condition of the generation after them and what will remain in the generation after that. The thought itself is scary.

So if you trace it back, you will realize that the change of yug is not evolution, it is devolution. Everything is devolving in front of you. Why? Because you are examining everything physically, by the five senses. Every single day your buddhi is constantly taking you away from your centre, your core, your truth. That is why you find physical so interesting and you are busy evaluating it, you have forgotten its practical aspect. You are just concerned about the physical aspect and oblivious to the energy behind it. And every passing day the physical aspect is increasing—this was said by all three—Rishi Vyas, Vishwamitra and Markandeya. Every moment you are moving away from your core, your truth, your actuality and when you do that then you will be stuck in illusions only and keep being fooled. Who wants to face the truth today? Nobody. If you talk to someone about reality, the person looks the other way saying “this cannot be true.” Even though every person knows his own reality, his truth and also what is bound to happen, they do not want to face it because if they face it, they get scared and nervous, which would mean more tension, so it’s better to just look the other way.
The further we move from reality, the further we are going from our own self and the more we are getting into artificiality the more speedily we are bringing our own destruction / downfall. And this is visible all over the world, what the Rishis told us, it is happening exactly like that.

 - The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in.

August 2013

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